What To Look For In A Garden Hose

Summer time is here and we all need a garden hose for some reason or another. Whether it’s watering the plants, cleaning the car or even filling up a swimming pool, it’s a biggie for the summer. Garden hoses have been around forever it seems like. The marketplace is very big and competitive, so trying to navigate your way around it can be a tricky task. There’s so many manufacturers out there these days, each with our reputation and reviews. You will also find literally hundreds of garden hoses reviews online for each mode, which can also be very conflicting and confusing for a buyer. We hope to break things down for you and give you a better idea of what hose you should be buying.

Firstly and no surprisingly, it’s the cable length. There’s no point buying a well-rated, fancy hose if it’s not going to stretch far enough for you to be able to use it for whatever you need is it? So first check out the manufacturer specifications for each model as these are the most accurate, and should help you find the correct length of cable you need.

Then check out the cable type offered. We all know what it’s like having a hose that keeps tangling over and over, it’s a nightmare! Some models have anti-tangle cables, this means that they won’t get into a crazy mess. This is obviously very appealing to a buyer, but it must be noted that these models are obviously more expensive than your standard ones.

The different extensions and spray types that it offers can also be worth noting. This will depend heavily on what you are actually using the hose for. Some gardening may require different levels of water coming out, so this may well be appealing to some gardeners.

The manufacturer name is very important in our eyes, as because there are so many companies out there competing. Just pick one of the big names and you’ll be safe, but at the same time make sure you get something that meets your requirements.

And lastly, but in most people‚Äôs eyes the most important thing to consider with a garden hose… the price. We all want the best possible value for money, so make sure you’ve checked out the right reviews and resources before putting your money anywhere. So with all that being said, hopefully you can go out there and enjoy your summer even more with a great garden hose!