Best Ways to Protect your Child’s Hearing

Best Ways to Protect your Child's Hearing

During the early days of a child, its senses (like hearing) are still developing. But over time, these senses will equip your brain to adapt with the living conditions of your surrounding environment. As far as the sense of hearing is concerned, it is very important in dealing with the daily challenges of life. Aside from being a vital means of communication, hearing allows you to sense and determine a particular object, like for instance the ringing of your phone.

But since children are not yet fully aware of the importance of hearing, aside from playing, they don’t put extra care to protect this vital sensory mechanism. As adults, we give and provide ways on how to protect our child’s hearing, such as:

  • Periodic cleaning of the ears and ear canals

For adults, especially to all parents out there, it is our responsibility to make sure that our child’s ears are clean. We can simply accomplish this with the use of ear buds. While children can also do this on their own, it is very important that we do it first for them. Teaching them the right way is very vital, especially when it comes to the ear canal. You must emphasize that cleaning the ear canals has its limitation where cleaning in further inside may cause some damage.

While this may seem very easy to do, this is also one of neglected cares that we give to our children. In effect, mucus and other foreign substance may pile up in the ear blocking any sound coming from the outside.

  • Non-exposure to Loud/Noisy Environments

This is one of the scenarios that we often neglect and puts our children to the possibility of hearing damage. Noisy environments (name it and there’s a ton of them: like streets, highways, parties, gatherings etc.) produces sound waves that may potentially damage our hearing system. The problem with these noisy environments is that we are already attuned to it and has become a part of our daily life. This could also be the reason why we need loud and noisy sound for us to understand a message being conveyed.

As a best practice and for your hearing system to take a break, visiting quite places such as the beach or nature parks can be a good stimulant and hasten your body to rejuvenate and reproduce new auditory cells.

  • Use of hearing protectors

This is the ones you use when you visit a gun firing range. However, this does not mean that the firing range is the only place to wear hearing protectors. As discussed earlier, we are already attuned to noisy environments and wearing a hearing protector is fast becoming a trend in today’s noisy world.

Hearing protectors comes in the form of ear plugs, ear foams or ear muffs. While they may seem effective in filtering out loud sound, using them requires some restriction especially if you are dealing in a public place. For example, you do not want to use ear plugs when driving your car in the highway. Just make sure you purchase a good quality pair of hearing protecters for your child.

  • Limit the use of Headphones

In today’s era of modern technology, headphones are fast becoming a necessity to the young generation. Of course, you can easily reap the benefits of having your own headphones where you can listen to your favorite music while you are stuck in heavy traffic. However, you must take note, that although most modern headphones produce quality and crisp audio, they are also very loud. In fact, you can clearly hear the music coming out of a headphone and just imagine if it was worn inside your ears.

At the end of the day, you will realize that our world is becoming noisier and noisier every day and we can do nothing about it. While it may be true, there are other things that you still can do to protect your child’s hearing. Like for example, make sure that when you come home and rest to the quite refuge of your room, read a book and spend some quite time with your children.

What To Look For In A Garden Hose

Summer time is here and we all need a garden hose for some reason or another. Whether it’s watering the plants, cleaning the car or even filling up a swimming pool, it’s a biggie for the summer. Garden hoses have been around forever it seems like. The marketplace is very big and competitive, so trying to navigate your way around it can be a tricky task. There’s so many manufacturers out there these days, each with our reputation and reviews. You will also find literally hundreds of garden hoses reviews online for each mode, which can also be very conflicting and confusing for a buyer. We hope to break things down for you and give you a better idea of what hose you should be buying.

Firstly and no surprisingly, it’s the cable length. There’s no point buying a well-rated, fancy hose if it’s not going to stretch far enough for you to be able to use it for whatever you need is it? So first check out the manufacturer specifications for each model as these are the most accurate, and should help you find the correct length of cable you need.

Then check out the cable type offered. We all know what it’s like having a hose that keeps tangling over and over, it’s a nightmare! Some models have anti-tangle cables, this means that they won’t get into a crazy mess. This is obviously very appealing to a buyer, but it must be noted that these models are obviously more expensive than your standard ones.

The different extensions and spray types that it offers can also be worth noting. This will depend heavily on what you are actually using the hose for. Some gardening may require different levels of water coming out, so this may well be appealing to some gardeners.

The manufacturer name is very important in our eyes, as because there are so many companies out there competing. Just pick one of the big names and you’ll be safe, but at the same time make sure you get something that meets your requirements.

And lastly, but in most people’s eyes the most important thing to consider with a garden hose… the price. We all want the best possible value for money, so make sure you’ve checked out the right reviews and resources before putting your money anywhere. So with all that being said, hopefully you can go out there and enjoy your summer even more with a great garden hose!


What Can Glucosamine Do For Your Dog

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring chemical that’s produced in both dogs and humans. Glucosamine for dogs is a non-surgical, natural, safe treatment for hip dysplasia, arthritis and joint pain in dogs. It is necessary for the proper production of cartilage as well as for adequate joint lubrication. Glucosamine has been proven as effective as aspirin and Rimadyl in reducing pain, and it has the added advantage aspirin, and Rimadyl do not – it aids in rebuilding new tissue to increase your dog’s mobility and has none of the repulsive side-effects of Rimadyl or aspirin which include stomach irritation and liver Disease. The site myblissfuldogs has more information on the supplement for owners that are unsure of it.

Glucosamine for dogs is not new. It has been used in pill form to treat dogs for more than 20 years. In study after study, it has been proven to be one of the best arthritis supplements for dogs, dramatically reducing inflammation, pain, and swelling. There is also the liquid form of glucosamine which was developed in response to complaints from pet owners who had difficulty in giving the pill to their dog because it was too large.

Regardless of whether your pet dog is big or small, as they age their joints stiffen, and they lose mobility caused by arthritis within their joints bringing with it a lot of pain and distress to your pet. Glucosamine supplies the essential building block that can help rejuvenate the cartilage material in the joints and works in 3 ways:

  1. Neutralizing harmful enzymes that are found in the cartilage of all joints.
  2. It provides the required building blocks that are needed to create new cartilage.
  3. It will help to increase fluid around the joints necessary for lubrication.


Here is a list of the Ingredients in Glucosamine for dogs and what they do.

  1. The chondroitin sulfate neutralizes destructive enzymes in the body that attack cartilage. They are the natural building blocks of cartilage.
  2. Boswellin maintains the integrity of the blood vessels, improving the blood supply to the joints and reducing inflammation.
  3. Yucca helps your dog produce natural cortisone, which in turn reduces inflammation and pain.
  4. Bromelain is a natural anti-inflammatory that reduces pain and swelling without the unpleasant side-effects of other pain relievers.
  5. Vitamins A, C, & E promote the repair of body tissue and aid in the formation of bone.

The best candidate for glucosamine is a dog that may be displaying symptoms of limping and stiffness – especially in the early morning and during cold conditions. The stiffness has a tendency to fade away as your dog moves about and receives moderate exercise. In some cases, these dogs could have issues going up the stairs or even getting into the car. Sometimes they moan or whimper if sore spots are touched. If they have been put on pain treatments, the stiffness and also other symptoms return when the medicine is stopped.

The beautiful thing about glucosamine for dogs is that it contains only natural ingredients. It is safe and has been proven to be one of the extremely useful arthritis supplements for dogs. It eliminates joint pain and restores your dog’s quality life. So, if your dog is stiff and limping – if his quality of life has changed – consider supplementation with glucosamine for dogs.

Enjoy Movies on go with Movie Box App

Smartphones have undergone many technological advancements and have emerges as source of entertainment rather than using it just for calling and texting. The internet configurations and the various apps available help to use the phone for varied purposes. The movie streaming apps easily downloadable makes our lives much easier. These apps have a stack of movies and you can download them for absolutely free of cost. Unlimited movies including action, drama, comedy and tragedy are all placed in these movie streaming apps. MovieBox, Megabox HD app, Cinemabox app, etc. are the popular trending apps that help you grab amazing experience of flicks and TV shows.

MovieBox App

Movie Box is one of the most preferred movie streaming app that allows free downloads of shows, videos and movies in your Android devices and smartphones.

  1. The app is powered with features that allow you to watch movies and teasers from any genres and categories including drama, comedy, tragedy, etc.
  2. You can also search for movies from recent to olden days and surf for various TV shows. This helps you to create a playlist of your choice in which you save your downloaded movies.
  3. You can also enjoy online streaming and watch them right away. The app is designed to be supported by different formats like mp4, wmv, etc. It operates at commendable high speed and hence makes the streaming and download of flicks and shows fast and easy.
  4. The app works on a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it handy and convenient for use.

Get going with these App

Megabox app is most popular owing to its large collection of movies and TV shows. These movies can be from classic old times or from the recent modern hot flicks. It also has TV shows and reality shows in the list. The app is not just confined to Android smartphones alone but it can also be played on iOS devices iPad and iPhone

  1. Go to the settings tab of your phone and open the security option in it. Now turn on the unknown sources. It allows the installation of app.
  2. Now you can download the MovieBox APK over here. The downloading link is available on the official website.

Open the downloaded file and hit the install button to initiate the installation. Once the download and installation is complete you can start watching movies using the app for free.